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Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is a great online browser strategy free game ❤️ in English language that plays tens of thousands of Englishmen.

Goodgame Empire online game. Build an empire and fight against enemies. Play the most popular strategy game Empire. Build your own castle, a strong army and fight the enemy! Crush your enemies, conquer the land and be the ruler of a mighty empire!

Goodgame Empire takes place in the medieval period. At the beginning, the player is given a small castle in the realm, which will be his main location. Then it needs to be expanded, enlarged and equipped. To do this, players must solve various tasks for which there are various rewards, create a functioning prosperous economy, fight against enemies and other players, and make alliances with other players. During the game, players have the opportunity to conquer bases. These are then expanded as the main castle.

As the empire progresses, more kingdoms are unlocked. The player can then build settlements and mine various resources on the Everwinter Glacier, Storm Islands, Burning Sands and Fire Peaks. In order to gain access to the kingdom, the player must first reach a certain level cap and pay resources as an entry cost. There are 70 main levels in Goodgame Empire and there are 950 more legend levels up to level 70.

The free online game Goodgame Empire can be played across the entire screen of your PC

Goodgame Empire a free strategy game in English made by the German company Goodgame studio, this great game can be played in fullscreen


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Login to Goodgame Empire

First you need to register for the game and then login at Goodgame Empire Login.

This strategy game is amazing. You just have to try it and enjoy it .. Goodgame Empire is super fun