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As a company operating, we are committed to protecting your online privacy. Therefore, we have adopted certain policies regarding the collection of online information about you

What information do we collect? does not collect any of your personal data! Therefore, please do not send us any private data or personal information


Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer.

We never use cookies to store your personal information
The law states that we can store cookies on your device without your consent if they are absolutely necessary for the technical operation of the website.
We use this type of cookie to remember the games you have already played so that you can find them later in the section (Last played/visited), we also use cookies that help improve the performance, operation and appearance of the site.
Your consent is required for other cookies.

As the operator of the website, we never use cookies, as this would be in violation of the Personal Data Protection Act. We and our partners may also process personal data such as IP address, unique ID, browsing data. Some partners do not ask for your consent to process your data, relying instead on their legitimate business interests. We and our partners may use your data for the following purposes:
* Storage and/or access to information on the device
* Product development and improvement
* Personalized advertising and content, advertising and content performance measurement and user insights.
You can define and manage your choices by clicking (Manage options) in the cookie settings. Most games or video game tutorials/presentations are displayed via (Iframe) or Java script. The games are hosted on other third party domains and our website only shares them. Therefore, we cannot influence their cookies 100% or give the option not to display personalized advertising in their content or prohibit them from storing their cookies on your device. These third party websites have separate and independent privacy policies. However, we strive to protect the integrity of our site. In order for games or videos to work and not be blocked, you need to allow them in the list of suppliers. This means that you will consent to the processing of your personal data by these companies for analytics, measurement, personalized advertising and social media.

Are you under 16? If so, ask your parents for permission to list your personal information.

We display third-party advertisements on through various advertising systems. These systems use cookies. We mostly use the Google/Adsense advertising system from Google and use their Google Analytics service to analyze traffic on We also use the advertising systems TheMoneytizer.

Here is their privacy policy.

Google's privacy policy is available at:
TheMoneytizer Privacy Policy is available at: us.themoneytizer .com/t-and-cs

List of suppliers of games and videos we share via Iframe or JV

Game Monetize: Link (Privacy Policy)
Game Distribution: Link (Privacy Policy)
Famobi : Link (Privacy Policy)
Gamepix: Link (Privacy Policy)
Gamezop: Link (Privacy Policy)
Goodgame Studio: Link (Privacy Policy)
upjers: Link (privacy policy)
Addicting Games: Link (Privacy Policy) Link (Privacy Policy)
Youtube: Link (Privacy Policy)

List of advertising suppliers

Google: Link (Privacy Policy)
The Moneytizer: Link (Privacy Policy)
Most internet browsers store cookies. You can pause this activity in your browser settings. Please note that stopping our cookies from being stored may have an adverse impact on the performance and appearance of the website
For security reasons, our company may collect your IP address from which you visited our site. We also use your IP address when rating games to prevent repeated ratings
Our company is not responsible for the content of third-party websites linked from our website through advertising systems